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The festive season is here, let’s get it popping!

The party season is here again, and we are here for it! We are, for now, out of lockdown and can’t wait to have a good time.

As an online retailer that sells poppers we have also seen an uptake in our products during this time. I guess this is an indication of all the partying that will be happening in the next month. Office parties, Christmas dinners and for some reason in December you just “must” catch up with everybody for a Christmas drink Ultimately this will accumulate into a big New Year’s party where we give 2021 the finger and welcome 2022. 

Now that the year is coming to an end, we can look back at a very strange year but also a year where things got back to normal to some degree. Here at the office, we have all enjoyed some holidays that were actually abroad in the non-UK Sunshine, what a delight that was. Team dinners and drinks have re-entered our bi-monthly rotation and are loving the mental freedom we have been given to move around more freely. Let’s hope things keep getting better.

2021 has confirmed that even in lockdown people love using our products. We have welcomed some great new brands like Power Rush with a power pellet and we also imported some great products from Europe that are really popular. In particular jungle Juice platinum, Blue Boy and Iron Horse seem to have captured the imagination of our customers. It was also the year in which brands like Rush and Liquid Gold Poppers Liquid Gold Poppers went big. From the best selling 10ml bottles they are now also available in 25ml bottles.

It was not all change this year, yet again we see that the best-selling brand remains Berlin XXX hardcore. Although brands like Fist, Original, Red Bullet and Pig are very popularbut it seems Berlin is the one most customers keep coming back for.

As for 2022 we have no idea yet what that will hold, I am sure there will be some new products but our main focus remains on our customers and dealing with what the outside world has in store for us.

I think the first thing we need to do is have some fun times and close the year with a bang with of course some of our best poppers[please link word combination best poppers. Then we will deal with what 2022 has in store for us. Let’s hope for a normal-ish year with plenty of adult fun and good times!

To help you get in the festive mood we have reduced our prices for the month of December, so come and have a look at https://www.poppersupershop.com/ and have a look around to see which room aromas will get the party started for you.

With love

Team Popper Super Shop!

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