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The Cost-of-living Crisis is Worsening: radical change needed!

Food prices have been soaring in a the fastest pace for 45 years now, which means that inflation is driving a social emergency for millions in Britain. Tory ministers have failed utterly to bring down inflation with no end in sight to the cost-of-living nightmare.

Tory cuts since 2010 have already led to widespread hunger across the country. Though many media has reported this to be a recent phenomenon. It is not the phenomena, but have been creating its base for last 15 years.

How bad is the inflation?

There has been doubling in the prices of Olive oil and significant increase in the prices of milk. Ready meal prices saw food inflation hit an eye-watering 19.1 per cent last month .This is the sharpest year-on-year rise for a single month since August 1977. The consumer prices index inflation rate fell back to its January level of 10.1% after a shock 0.3% increase in February. But it remains stubbornly high, with most economists expecting the figure to have already dropped below 10 per cent. Though the reduced rates doesn’t signify that the rates are falling, but they are going on a slight slower rate. This also has an impact on rising energy bills and plummeting take-home wages.

What are the government suggesting?

Tory Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has justified his calls for further below-inflation public-sector pay rises by pledging to half the rate of inflation by the end of this year. But the TUC has warned regarding the rise in food prices nearly three times faster than wages. The crippling disparity — 2.7 times faster — will hit the lowest earners the hardest as they spend a greater proportion of their income on the basics, it stressed.

What are the radical measures needed?

Due to climate change which is disrupting global food production and supply. Due to which malnutrition has been increasing. This malnutrition needs to be prevented on a serious scale and distribution of food to place need over bosses’ profit. There should be real solution to the pain that inflation has been causing.

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