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Suspenseful Quarter-Finals: Highlights and Predictions

FIFA World Cup 2022 has been nothing short of a thrilling and mesmerizing experience so far. With all the exciting matches and many shocking outcomes, it just didn’t fail to amaze us at all. That being said, the thrilling quarter-finals await at our doorsteps this Friday to boost up our adrenaline rush. So, before jumping into the following action-packed matches, let’s discuss all the highlights and match predictions to get you hyped up even more. Shall we?

Croatia vs Brazil – 9th December

A match between the last tournament’s runner-up and 5-time world champion seems perfect to kick start the exciting quarter-finals. Wouldn’t you agree? It is needless to say that Brazil is the most successful nation when it comes to football. Moreover, they surely have shown some stunning performances in this world cup so far including their glorious win against South Korea in the Round of 16. On the other hand, the Croatian team proved itself to be quite a strong team in the last world cup. Again, they made their way into the quarter-final by defeating Japan who had shown a lot of potential in the first round.

Moreover, Brazil hasn’t lost a single match with Croatia in their previous four duels. On top of that, Brazil has a 71% win probability over Croatia’s 10% win probability according to Google (the rest 19% suggests the match goes into extra time). So, it’s safe to say that the numbers are in favor of Brazil fans. But Croatia is surely being expected to put up a hell of a fight. So, I guess we’ll have to find out for ourselves.

Netherlands vs Argentina – 10th December

Being the sixth world cup match between these two iconic teams, it is arguably the most anticipated match in the quarter-finals. Both teams have been group champions in the first round and snatched stunning victories in the round of 16. So, this match has certainly created a dense tension in the air for the fans. Moreover, this match will surely be the toughest one yet for both teams in this world cup.

Again, Argentina defeated the Netherlands in the 2014 world semi-final with the match going into a tie-breaker. On top of that, the numbers are in favor of Argentina with a 43% win probability over a 27% win probability for the Netherlands. So, can our beloved Lionel Messi cast his magic one more time or will the Netherlands be the one to put an end to his great era? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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