Sunday Social: 5 steps in becoming an LGBTQ ally

Sunday Social: 5 steps in becoming an LGBTQ ally
Sunday Social: 5 steps in becoming an LGBTQ ally

Supporting communities other than your own is very important in today’s society. Just because you may not identify with a certain community doesn’t mean there aren’t ways you can support it! In this pride month try to become an LGBTQ ally following these five steps:

1. Educate yourself

Take half an hour out of your day to learn about the injustices within the LGBT community around the world. In some countries, it’s illegal to be gay and can even be punishable by death. Learn about how the gay rights movement started with the Stonewall protests and how it impacted life today. 

2. Use Social media to spread support

If you see anything related to LGBT or any news make sure to share it on social media! This can either be on your Instagram stories or retweet. It just helps to spread the message to people you have on social media. 

3. Support LGBT businesses

Try to make a conscious effort to support LGBT businesses! There is plenty to support such as clothing brands, makeup lines, magazines.

Click here to find some businesses you can support:

4. Take Action 

If you see anything happening that isn’t right, make sure to do something about it. Have difficult conversations with family and friends and educate them about injustices. Even if you see something happen in public make sure to alert someone about what is happening but make sure you don’t put yourself in danger. 

5. Donate to charities

There are many charities around the world that would love donations to help better the LGBT community. Here are some charities you can donate to All Out – Born this Way – Manchester Pride – and many more that you can google!