Sunday Social: How to protect your mental health during COVID-19

Sunday Social: How to protect your mental health during COVID-19
Sunday Social: How to protect your mental health during COVID-19

Many of us are facing stressful and overwhelming challenges in this Pandemic. Social distancing and lockdowns have made a lot of us feel isolated and lonely. Thus it has become extremely resilient to learn how to cope up with this stress in a healthy way for you and the people around you. Here are five ways that can help you to protect your mental health in this pandemic:

1. Recognition

It is very important to recognize that your anxiety is taking the best of you. It is very normal to feel anxious about your future with the pandemic affecting every sector of your life starting from education to job scarcity and future plans. The first step to recovery is realizing that you need help.

2. Distraction

Distractions are not always bad. Try to maintain a healthy routine. Keep sufficient leisure time to do a few things you love ;like painting, cooking, writing music or watching movies. Try to make the most of today and maybe leave tomorrow for tomorrow. There are so many things you can do from home. With so many online workshops, enroll in one and learn a new skill: Creativedge Training, Distance Learning, FutureLearn

3. Connection

It is not possible to meet all the people you love. But that does not mean you cannot stay connected. Mental stress can make people drift away. Reach out to your close ones. Check on them over the phone from time to time. Schedule Online movie parties. And always remember to reach out for help when you need it. There are so many online helplines available such as BetterHelp , youngminds and Mental Health UK

4. Love Yourself

We live in a society that tell us that it is important to be selfless, to take care of others. But self-love is equally important. Value your needs, wants and desires and make sure that you take time to recharge and have energy to help others. The goal of self-love is to include health benefits that includes:

  • Good sleeping habits
  • maintain healthy diet
  • exercise
  • manage stress

5. Give back

There are so many people who have lost their income sources in this pandemic. You never know how your little action can impact a person’s life. Volunteer in your local council or sponsor food banks. Donate things that you do not need. Do good and good will surely return to you.