Sunday Social: 5 Ways to prepare for recruitment during Pandemic

sunday social

From layoffs to hiring freezes, the pandemic has set the global unemployment curve to rise drastically. These unprecedented times have pushed organizations and employees to resolve to new solutions to thrive and adjust. As the experts forecast that the pandemic is here to stay longer, remote recruitment is expected to continue. As a candidate, what can you do to prepare yourself?

1. Be more adaptive and Flexible

The key to success in these unpreceded times is to be adaptive and flexible. Organizations, recruiters, employees, and recruiters need to have patience, be flexible, and get out of their comfort zones.

2. Improve your personal brand

This is a brilliant time for candidates to work on their personal brand, improve their social media profiles and learn new skills. Recruiters are ceaselessly looking for more information about the candidates outside their resumes.

3. Invest in devices and technology

Candidates can prepare for online recruitment by making sure they have the necessary technologies to attend video interviews and have virtual conversations. Make sure to have good headphones and a stable internet connection.

4. Prepare a secluded workplace

Since most of us are stuck at home with families or friends who are also working from home or with children away from school, it is very important to set a quiet designated space where you can take part in video interviews without any interferences.

5. Ask the right Questions

Only because you are working remotely does not mean you should not have queries about how a day looks like in your organization. Candidates should ask the recruiters the same questions they would ask if they were going back to the office.

Candidates should highlight their best skills and achievements. Have strong descriptors and data on your resume. Include details about awards, workshops, or memberships at different organizations that you have joined during COVID. This is going to help plant a wider picture of what the candidate can bring to the table.