Sunday Social: 5 Ways To Help People In Beirut

Sunday Social: 5 Ways To Help People In Beirut

As Beirut continues to deal with the impact of this week’s events, here are 5 ways that you can help and make a difference today.

1. Donate

If you are able to give money, please consider donating money to relief efforts dedicated to helping those most impacted by the blast. One place to donate to is the Lebanese Red Cross, the main provider of ambulance services in the country, you can donate here. You can find a full list of where to donate here.

2. Share Information

Sharing factual information about what has happed in Beirut can be a vital tool for others to educate themselves about the situation, access much-needed support, or find out how to donate.

3. Educate Yourself

As well as educating yourself on Tuesday’s disaster, it’s also important to understand the current backdrop that the explosion happened against. As well as enduring the global coronavirus crisis, Lebanon is fighting political unrest and an unprecedented economic crisis. The blast from this week will increase pressure on hospitals, which are already overwhelmed due to the pandemic.

4. Sign & Share Petitions

There are currently many petitions being shared online that you can sign to show your support for the people who have been affected by these events. One petition is calling on the United Nations to offer adequate relief to those in need after the explosion, which you can sign here. You can find additional petitions here and here.

5. If You’re In Lebanon, Give Blood

If you are currently in Lebanon, another way to urgently help victims of the blast is give blood to those who need it. You can find out more on the Lebanese Red Cross website here, or find a list of locations that need blood donations here.