Sunday Social: 5 Ways to Grow your Tiktok channel

Sunday Social: 5 Ways to Grow your Tiktok channel
Sunday Social: 5 Ways to Grow your Tiktok channel

Try out these five ways to make your Tiktok channel a hit.

1. Be Consistent

People are creatures of habit and check in with their favorite Tiktokers almost every day, so if you want to build your following, then make a visit to your channel part of their routine. This doesn’t mean you have to post daily or force content, but don’t leave it so long between posts that people lose interest.

2. Find Your Niche

TikTok hosts a wealth of communities with all types of different quirks and interests. People have gained huge followings from videos that range from rating their school’s canteen food to getting creative with makeup, so if you can think of it, then there is probably a market for it. If you want to grow your channel, find your niche and start filming.

3. Identify Your Target Audience

Alongside finding your niche, identifying your audience is hugely important for establishing your channel’s identity. To gain followers and grow your channel, you will have to work out who you want to aim your videos at and start producing content that is specifically targeted towards that group or community. This may take time at first but gaining the right kind of followers is important for keeping up engagement with your content.

Tiktok is all about trends, with new dances and challenges emerging almost every day. You can massively increase your following by jumping on the ones that you feel best suit your channel. Just make sure you use the necessary hashtags so that your videos reach as many people as possible.

5. Educate Your Audience

Almost all of the best Tiktok accounts are both entertaining and educational. It may be something as simple as a life hack but teaching your followers something new in every video is a great way to create a buzz around your channel and keep people coming back.


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