Sunday Social: 5 benefits of cutting back on Caffeine

Sunday Social: 5 benefits of cutting back Caffeine
Sunday Social: 5 benefits of cutting back Caffeine

It may not sound a lot to take two weeks off of caffeine, but before this experiment, I was averaging two coffees and plenty of energy drinks a day. So when I decided to go two weeks caffeine free it was a big decision. 

I would recommend anyone else that’s borderline addicted to caffeine in any shape or form to try this. Whether it’s for your own benefit or if you’re just curious, it was interesting to see the effects it had. Here are some verdicts before and after this experiment:

  1. From the day I decided to cut it out of my diet, I went cold turkey. I decided to do it this way to see if I would feel any withdrawal symptoms and to get the best verdict on what the exact effects of caffeine on me are personally. 
  2. The night before I made the choice I had had a relatively bad panic attack. Though I never had experienced caffeine being a part of my anxiety I thought it was worth a try if even to avoid a night like the previous. 
  3. I felt healthier for sure, and eventually didn’t find myself waking up and needing a coffee, or at least not as often as I once did.
  4. I did not notice a lack of energy and having breakfast instead of just a coffee did make me feel like a lot more of a put-together person.
  5. My levels of anxiety were slowly decreasing, but this also could have been that the time was just increasing since the last spout of it being bad. 

I would definitely conduct this experiment again, but if I was to I would do it for an extended period of time. I did definitely miss coffee and I don’t think the benefits outweigh the cons, but I will for sure be cutting back on my intake as much as possible to try and retain/gain energy from other sources too.