Student of Manchester University protests against racism

Student protests in Manchester University against racism
Student protests in Manchester University against racism

Video footage of Security guards holding a first-year student against the wall went viral. Authorities have suspended the guards following the allegation to assault the black student. Anika Khan reports.

The University of Manchester launched an investigation after the footage got out. The video which has been shared on social media shows the first-year student Zac Adam held against the wall by security guards who demanded to see his identification.  

19-year old Zac Adan, a French and linguistic student is the son of a Somalian refugee who moved to Britain from Italy a few months back.

He revealed that the incident left him traumatized. Zac told the officials that he was approached by the guards to show his identification. They tried to snatch the ID card from his hand and the next minute held him against the wall.

He said, “They just pinned me up against the wall and said that I looked like a drug dealer”. “Why?” He asked. It is evident that the guards judged his outer appearance and color to come to the conclusion that he is a potential danger.  

This incident was followed by protests from the students of the Fallow field campus who raised questions about the ill-treatment that they have received from the starting of the term.

They were confined to their accommodation and securities have been deployed all over the campus to harass the students.

Zac Adan demanded an apology from the university and hopes that people will stop judging and mistreating people of color.