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Special Report: The Nakba Case!

Saturday marked the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, the greatest catastrophe of the Palestinian people.

For Palestinians, the Nakba denotes the brutal, systematic attempt to destroy their nation. Following World War II that forced stripped them off their land and scattered many across the globe. There have have been demonstrations and many events, up and down Britain and across the world, to mark this anniversary. But thus catastrophe is not over yet. It is a crime that continues to unfold in the present day, in the actions of the apartheid Israeli state.

The Nakba- Families shattered and scattered

What the Nakba Case?

The Nakba, also known as the Palestinian society and homeland in 1948, and the permanent displacement of a majority of the Palestinian Arabs. Every year on 15 May Palestinians mark the Nakba, “catastrophe”, in English. When around 750,000 Palestinians were forcibly expelled from their homes by Zionist militias to make way for the creation of Israel in 1948. It was the day after the expiry of the British Mandate over Palestine, May 15 1948, that saw the Israeli state formally declared. This is the date now used by Palestinians to mark Nakba.

Displacement of People

How is Imperialism involved?

Today, it is the US that is the main backer of Israel. The projection of the US’s own power in the Middle East motivates it in shielding Israel from the consequences of its actions. The imperialist powers continue to enable and drive forward the colonization of Palestine and to arm and fund an Israeli state that is ever more explicitly racist in law and deed. Imperialist wars resulted in streams of millions of refugees.

The Nakba Case

Situation Today- at Present!

In Britain today, Tory politicians are falling over one another to devise ever more dehumanizing means to deter and lock up refugees and asylum-seekers. In the US, the Biden administration is aiming to further weaponize the migrant crisis for political gain. By showing that both parties of the ruling class can enact harsh laws targeting those at the Mexican border.

How is it marked throughout the World?

The event is often marked by speeches and rallies by Palestinians in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, in Palestinian refugee camps in Arab states, and in other places around the world. Protests at times develop into clashes between Palestinians and the Israel Defense Forces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


There must be redoubling of efforts to end Britain’s complicity in crimes against the Palestinians and defend the freedom. To organize solidarity through boycott, divestment and sanctions. WhatsOn stands in favor of Palestinian people.


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