Saturday Special: Noam Chomsky States “President Trump is desperate”

Saturday Special: Noam Chomsky States “President Trump is desperate

In a new interview, world-renowned dissident Professor Noam Chomsky discusses Trump’s vow to send a “surge” of federal agents into major Democrat-run cities across the United States and the upcoming presidential election.

In the interview, Chomsky explains why he thinks that President Trumps recent actions are a reflection of his desperation. Chomsky says: “His entire attention is—there’s one issue on his mind; that’s the election. He has to cover up for the fact that he is personally responsible for killing tens of thousands of Americans. It is impossible to conceal that much longer.”

As we are in the midst of a presidential election year, everything Trump does could have a direct impact on whether or not he is re-elected. Chomsky explains that: “His [Trump’s] chances of victory depend on his doing something dramatic. He was trying very hard to set up military confrontations that you mentioned, martial law. It’s moving toward martial law. He might even be able to try to cancel the elections. There is no telling what he would do. He is completely desperate.”

Comparing his actions to that of a dictator, Chomsky adds that: “This is like the actions of some tin-pot dictator in a neo-colony somewhere, small country that has a military coup every couple of years. There is no historical precedent for anything like this in a functioning democratic society. If he could send Blackshirts out in the streets, he would be happy to do that.”

Reflecting on how the next few months will unfold, Chomsky says: “Exactly how this will eventuate is very hard to say. The courts are unlikely to do anything. We may even get to a point where the military command has to decide which side they are on. The man is desperate. He is psychotic. He is in extreme danger of losing his position in the White House and will do anything he can to prevent it.”