Saturday Special: In Conversation With DENIO

Saturday Special: In Conversation With DENIO
Saturday Special: In Conversation With DENIO

Living in a suburb named Aigburth in the South of Liverpool, resides a four-membered alternative band known as the name DENIO. Our reporter Poppy Huggett caught up with lead vocalist and songwriter Mike to discuss their latest single, musical inspirations, and challenges they’ve faced through the pandemic.

Rewind back to the summer of 2017, when Mike and keyboardist Daniel finished their first year at University and joined forces with guitar player Andres and drummer of the band Felipe. Mike said We first started jamming without the intention of starting anything, but the songs were good, and we thought let’s do this- Let’s get a band name”.  The quartet started their music journey as a hobby, which drove consistent hard work from the band and a self-made music studio in the heart of Daniel’s bedroom.

When asked what the origination was behind the name DENIO, Mike said “It’s a funny story… Denio is a game we all played when we were younger. The game is to essentially get back to a base without being caught”. He added “It was hard coming up with a name, but we were all on board with this one”.

The sound of DENIO provides a clash of upbeat tempos and creative, meaningful words. Mike announced his alternative influences such as Boy Pablo, Easy Life, Tame Impala and added “Arctic Monkeys is a big one in my life as a lyricist. You can’t look past Alex Turner”.

Their latest and greatest single ‘Pastime’ is the fourth track of the four-piece band. The poetic lyrics and entrancing synthesizing beats originated in lockdown no.1 from their striking self-made studio. When asked what the true meaning of the song was, Mike said “It’s the idea of looking back at difficult conversations and realising as we get older openness becomes restricted”.

Breaking into the music world is a challenge in itself, but Mike shared the band’s recent trial and tribulation was a wave of writer’s block. Whilst reflecting on his previous challenges he said, “If it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong or it can’t be fixed but that’s hard to see when you’re in that moment”.

 “Take it with a pinch of saltMike shared whilst discussing advice for aspiring musicians. What I mean by this, you can’t take other people’s experience as what is best for you. Try things that people advise, but otherwise figure out your own path”.

The future is looking bright for this revitalising alternative band. DENIO have found their voice on social media and are looking to record new music in the coming months. “We’re looking to do our first gig at some point this year, but other than that we’re continuing to write new music and expand our audience”.

Help kick your January blues by listening to the newest single of DENIO: ‘Pastime’.

Available to stream on all music sites now.