Saturday Report: Spinning World

Saturday Report: Spinning World
Saturday Report: Spinning World

The Covid-19 pandemic has the world in a storm and many predict a huge recession is coming. How can we cope up with the new changes? Isman Zarin reports.

1. Survival of the Fittest

The Covid-19 Pandemic has visibly defied postmodern ideas of surface-level social bonding, strengthening the primitive idea of existence, while reestablishing the age-old concept of ‘survival of the fittest.

2. Economic recession will prevail

An economic recession will prevail. It is being predicted that the post-CoVID-19 economic recession might even surpass the Global Financial Crisis of 2009. Eventually, due to the damage in supply chains and breakage of establishment logistic systems by this pandemic, prolonged price hikes will occur.

3. Localized approach needs to be established

To ensure survival it would be essential to establish a localized approach towards minimal scale production and distribution of basic necessities. This will ensure some control over price hikes and help citizens prepare for similar future crises.

4. Nature is restoring the balance

Since we human beings have not hesitated in taking the utmost unjust advantage from nature as the dominant species, the law of nature has drastically been violated. Eventually, since we have now been bound to squeeze our existence due to COVID-19, nature is slowly attempting to take its own charge to reestablish its upper hand.

5. The Silver Lining

Obviously every single day now we are getting the news of the revival of natural resources and an obvious visible positive change in the ozone layer of the earth. The high levels of air pollution in several major commercial hubs are assessed to be coming down. This, essentially signals us of the urgency of curtailing our forceful movements in nature.

ISMAT Zarin is an Assistant Professor at University of Asia Pacific and WhatsOn columnist.