Saturday report: Music for the Mind, and Sanity

Saturday report: Music for the Mind, and Sanity
Saturday report: Music for the Mind, and Sanity

How Radio 1 is Helping Lead the way in the Journey with Mental, and our Sanit? Adam Humphries reports.

Earlier this month, BBC Radio 1, which also happens to be my favorite radio station even at my age (30+) is helping to lead the way in the struggle with mental health issues. The station launched a program called Radio 1 Relax which is to be simulcast alongside Radio for 11 hours. The project itself launched on the 22nd April 2021 and features content from established radio DJs such as Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac.

The idea of the streaming service is to help all listeners, anywhere and everywhere, to be able to tune in, listen to music and, most importantly, relax and help ease your mental health.

As someone who is both an avid fan, and listener of Radio 1 and also happens to work in the Health and Social Care sector who also happens to support people with mental health issues, I’m happy to hear about this.

Even though the topics of both mental and well-being have been discussed numerous times in the news, both online, on print, on the news, and even on print, I for one, firmly believe it to be a strong step. And a positive one by that too.

On the platform service, there will be numerous shows such as the Decompression Session, Motivate Me Mix, Get Set With Radio 1, and The Chillest Show. On each of these shows, a guest artist will join the presenter in giving listeners help and advice on how to deal with various issues such as Anxiety, Depression as well as giving ideas, tips, and suggestions on how to maintain their overall mental well-being.

Something else that will also be available on the service is the 14 Soundscapes, courtesy of Sir David Attenborough’s Seven World’s, One Planet. The idea being is that the tunes provided on the soundtrack will be to provide different types of relaxing music for listeners to be able to hear and enjoy. Also, it will take you on a long and relaxing journey through the seven continents from Antarctica to Africa.

I openly admit that though I haven’t actually listened to this musical offering yet I have watched some of David Attenborough’s Seven World’s program and heard some of the sounds provided. But even so, I will no doubt give it a try, cos even I feel like taking some time out from all aspects of everyday life myself.

The program itself is the creation of Aled Hayden Jones, Deidre Kehoe Director of Training and Services of Young Minds, and Dr. Antonis Kousoulis, Mental Health Foundation Director for England and Wales.

The service is a response to the waking number of increasing cases of mental health problems during the COVID 19 pandemic situation. For more information: