Rihanna’s Announces Launch Of Fenty Skin!

Rihanna’s Announced Launch Of Fenty Skin!

Fenty Skin by Rihanna have finally announced their release date which is to be launched on July 31st. The news of the brand official date was confirmed by Rihanna herself on the brand’s new Instagram page @fentyskin. “Fenty Skin is launching July 31 exclusively at FentySkin.com,” the brand wrote in the posts, which now has over 557K views that featured Rihanna in a video to show her skin routine. 

From the small clip we get a glimpse of the Fenty Skin’s products, as Rihanna applies a foaming cleanser, toner and moisturizer. We also get to see the packaging, as originally Fenty Beauty make up brand we were given a sophisticated light pinky tones. Whereas for their Fenty Skin, the colour palette for their packaging has changed to a light purple, but they still have kept their sophisticated look towards the brand.  

Rihanna had also announced earlier on the brand’s Instagram page: “Whoever told you skincare has a gender, LIED to you!” and said that the Skincare would not be gender-specific, a move which was praised by her followers. Much like her Fenty Beauty brand, this move once again prooves that Rihanna is committed to diversity and giving the best quality to her customers. 


According to the trademark, Fenty Skin will cover, ““medicated and non-medicated skin care preparations and soaps, body care kits comprising non-medicated body care preparations, and skincare product accessories.” It will not include “color cosmetics, perfume, and other fragrance-only products.” 

Fenty Skin will officially be launched on 31 July as for now you can sign up via the brand’s website to get early access on 29 July, and for any news around the upcoming launch.