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Rico Nasty drops five surprises new songs on SoundCloud

This week, Rico Nasty has just surprised fans by dropping five brand new songs without warning on SoundCloud.

Rico posted a photo of a close-up of her face and wrote “secrets on Soundcloud” on Instagram to announce the songs’ release.

She linked to a playlist titled ‘Rico’s Archives’ containing five songs, including ‘Switch Places,’ ‘Grow Up,’ ‘Cotton Candy,’ ‘Show Me Your Love,’ produced by Taking a Daytrip, and ‘How Ya Feel,’ directed by Jetson made.

After making her debut on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series Rico release the five songs. In NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, she performed breakout hit ‘Smack A Bitch’, last year’s ‘OHFR?’ and more backed with an all-female band.

Last year, Rico dropped her debut album ‘Nightmare Vacation.’

The review of the album is like “a refreshingly liberating soundtrack to a year that has felt a little like the end of the world.”

This year, Rico dropped a new single, ‘Magic,’ while teasing a mysterious new project titled ‘Rx.’ Another single, ‘Buss,’ followed last month.

Rico Nasty is also known as Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly. It is an American rapper and singer from Maryland. Known for her unique delivery and punk aesthetic, she rose to prominence in 2018 with singles such as “Smack a Bitch” and “Poppin.” Her debut studio album, Nightmare Vacation, was released in December 2020. Rico’s seventh mixtape, Rx, is set to release in the summer of 2021.

Rico Nasty is known for performing hip-hop and trap music, particularly punk rap, trap metal, nu-metal, pop-trap, and rap-rock. Rico Nasty said that she “resonate with being a pop-punk princess.”

Listen to the playlist below:


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