Nari Ultimate Headphones – Review

Release Date: November 2018
They say sound is half the experience. And Razer Nari have taken that to heart and run with it to a point it leaves most of the competition in its wake.
Offering both wireless (through USB connection) and 3.5 mm headphone jack connection, the Nari Ultimate is a fierce piece of headphone gear that not only fit comfortably on the head but also looks stylish, unique and futuristic.
Having spent the weekend getting lost in the American plains of Red Dead Redemption 2, listening for the sound of galloping horses and bandits, as well as dodging bullets in Chris Nolan’s Dunkirk I can confidently say these headphones are a game changer when it comes to powerful, immersive sound. Although the THX Spatial sound wasn’t as impressive as I was expecting, the headphone still effectively does replicate audio only found in high grade professional sound systems. This is undoubtedly the closest experience you’ll have to the sounds of the cinema at a fraction of the cost, and won’t disturb the neighbours or room-mates even during the peak of the Normandy invasion of Saving Private Ryan!
The truly outstanding bass in a pair of headphones like this should not be possible, but here, Razer leads the way showing everyone else it can be done at minimalist cost to the consumer through amazingly intelligent haptic technology developed by Lofelt™ that converts sound signals into dynamic touch-sensory feedback in real time!
“With Razer HyperSense, the Razer Nari Ultimate picks up the shape and frequencies of game audio and transforms them into rich, lifelike haptic effects” as advertised by Razer, means the experience of listening for the distant approaching rumble of a massive war tank makes the adrenaline pump as if hearing the proximity sensors of a merch fighting Aliens in a lost planet! It literally feels like there’s something inside the headphones “Kicking” your brain.
With any bunch of grapes there are always a few sour ones. The wireless USB connection is very small so it can be frustrating to try and pull it out from some USB devices (like the front slots of a PS4) especially for people with fatter fingers. Although extremely well isolated, sound can be heard escaping from the headphones, granted that may have been because I was running them at maximum volume. Obviously if you are an amateur at sound engineering it can be complicated to fine tune the binaural sound for certain games, although it does seem very intuitive.
All things said, at £199 these are an absolute steal and a must for anyone serious about sound entertainment since they work great for music, films and gaming.
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SCORE: 8.5/10
Headphones reviewed with:
GAMES: Red Dead Revolver 2, Uncharted The Lost Legacy
FILMS: Dunkirk, Saving Private Ryan, Bad Boys 2