PM Boris put to Shame by his people

Prime Minister put to Shame by his people
Prime Minister put to Shame by his people

Thousands of volunteers set up feeding stations for children across England. This came after the Prime Minister denied the school children free meals during the half term. Anika Khan reports.

Boris stubbornly stuck to his decision to deny free school meals to the children over half-term. This decision led to the opening of thousands of feeding stations across the nation. Spontaneous volunteers took part nationwide to feed over 1.4 million deprived children who qualified for free school meals.

Last week a number of Tory MPS voted to deny children free food for the holidays. Their decisions were met with severe backlash by the public and the left-party. Protestors left empty plates bearing angry messages outside the MP’s office. The public has even banned a few MPs from their own restaurants and local shops. They are making the Tory MPs suffer the consequences for their callousness.

A number of charities, businesses, community groups, and volunteers came together to take the matter into their own hands and starting providing free meals. The volunteers have been moved by the generosity of the people who came forward to contribute and give whatever they could afford to the starving kids.

This has put the Prime Minister of UK to shame. Boris was reported to consider taking a ‘partial U-turn’ on his decision.

Labour party has called out the decision for being to be late. Labour proposed another common vote regarding this issue if the government does not take the necessary actions to reverse his decision.

Once again the people have come together to show that where the government fails to function, they will unite to do the job instead.

Come forward to join and contribute for poor starving children.

To find the nearest ‘meal map’ available for kids, head over to