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3 Ongoing Art Festivals You Should Check Out

Hey, all the art lovers out there! With countless amazing art festivals taking place here and there, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them. That’s why we are back with our selection of 3 ongoing art festivals and all the necessary information about them. So check out our picks for this week and decorate your monthly schedule with a pinch of passion and enthusiasm. 

Fabula – Literature of the World Festival

When and where> 1st to 31st March in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Literature is one of the most celebrated forms of art without a doubt. That’s why today we are starting with this magnificent literature festival in the heart of Slovenia. Even more, this

festival is considered the largest and most admired literary event in the whole region. Fabula – Literature of the World Festival brings together and celebrates 5 great authors who made a notable mark in the literature world along with their best works. Moreover, this year’s edition of the art event is based on the slogan – ‘Reconstructions of Memory’. Adding to that, the event is deeply focusing on the question of the past like what can we learn from the very example of the past and how the shadows of the past influence our present. So surely it’s something worth checking out.

Mars en Baroque

When and where> 4th March to 31st March in Marseille, France.

If you are a sole admirer of classical music then you are certainly gonna love this one. Mars en Baroque is an art festival that is deeply dedicated to cherishing the beauty and intense emotions of classical music. This art event has been around for quite some time now and established a delightful platform for both classical musicians and admirers. Furthermore, this year has marked the 21st edition of this impressive art event and it is solely focused on ‘Voice’ in music. Besides, the event features a very delicate combination of conferences, master classes, and concerts. So go for it with all your might.

Klara Festival

When and where> 10th to 26th March in multiple cities across Belgium.

Lastly, we have another astounding art festival that celebrates classical music at its best. Klara Festival is taking place in three wonderful locations in Belgium, including Brussels, Antwerp, and Bruges. This art event is focused on bringing together the very best that classical music has to offer regardless of genre and period. Therefore, the event explores baroque, symphony, chamber music, modern classics, and many more without any limitations and there is bound to be something fascinating for every audience. Moreover, the event often blends music with other art forms like dance, theater, and visual arts to increase the intensity and emotions. So save the dates and don’t miss out on something so extraordinary.

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Stay well!

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