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Nord Stream Pipeline- US Dismisses Accounts!

The United States has dismissed an account by investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh. Hersh has blamed US for blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines as “complete fiction”. Mr. Hersh has exposed the US massacre of Vietnamese civilians at My Lai and its subsequent cover-up.

The investigation has brought to light the Watergate scandal, which brought down Richard Nixon in the 1970s. On contrary it was made evident that the torture and abuse of Iraqi prisoners of war at the US Abu Ghraib prison.

What is the Report?

On Wednesday, Hersh has published a detailed account of the planning and implementing of the US plot to blow up pipelines. These pipelines has been transferring Russian gas to Europe via Germany. According to the report, bombs were placed on the seabed during NATO’s Baltops naval exercised in the Baltic Sea.

Who conducted the Operation?

The operation was conducted by US Navy divers, who collaborated with the Norwegian intelligence. This is identified as the best site to place the bombs, Mr. Hersh has alleged.

Nord Streamline Blown up

What is the effect of the Pipeline Leakage?

On September 2022, the destruction of the pipelines has contributed to the environmental disaster. Leaking hundreds of millions of cubic meters of gas into the sea. This has contributed to the carbon footprinting.

What does US has to Say?

Above all, The US, including President Joe Biden’s statement that, “if Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another Nord Stream 2 will not move forward”. The US has always denied the responsibility and advised Moscow destroyed its own pipelines.

Nord Stream Pipeline- US Dismisses Accounts!

What are the Further steps on the Report?

German has expressed suspicion of US involvement. They have pointed out that Washington is determined to prevent rapprochement between Berlin and Moscow. Also Russian gas export to Europe with US shale gas by all means. Russia wants Mr. Hersh’s claims to be investigated and those responsible for the sabotage would be penalized.

Mr. Hersh’s account is “false and complete fiction” denying the allegation of destruction of the gas pipelines. Norwegian government has also rejected the claims. Although this may be true, that if the act went unpunished then other pipelines would be targeted.

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