Helicopter Crash in New York City: One Dead

A helicopter has crashed on the roof of a 54-story building at Mid-town Manhattan in New York on Monday afternoon just after 11 minutes of take off which killed the pilot but No one else was injured in the crash and also no act of terrorism.
Starting a fire and halting traffic on nearby streets in the heart of mid-town Manhattan crash-landed on Seventh Avenue, a few blocks south of Central Park, occurred about 1:45 p.m.
According to the fire department spokesman, the aircraft was initially described as a plane. The helicopter was about to have an emergency landing.
The crashed part fell down on the roof but it didn’t get into the building. The weather was fogy and rainy at the time.
The crash sparked a two-alarm fire at the building that caused several floors of the building shook and security was ordering them to grab their belongings and evacuate.
“If you’re a New Yorker you have a level of PTSD, right, from 9/11, So as soon as you hear an aircraft hit a building, I think my mind goes where every New Yorker’s mind goes.”
“It took a half hour to get from the 29th floor down to the ground floor. There were just too many people, it was too crowded, and everybody was trying to get off on all the floors at the same time,” said Nathan Sutton.
The cause of the “shocking, stunning incident” is unclear, said Mayor Bill de Blasio.
Reportedly, the pilot had dropped a passenger off at the West 34th Street helipad when he then took off and eventually flew onto the roof of the building.
Fire Commissioner Daniel is assuming that some fuel leaked from the crash but that it was no longer an issue.
> Puza Sarker Snigdha