Music Monday: Latest Music Releases Of This Week

Music Monday

Our music editor Adam Humphries brings you the top music releases of this week! Make sure to add them to your playlist!

It’s Karma It’s Cool drop sophomore album ‘Homesick For Our Future Destinations’

Everyone, say ‘Hi’ to Liverpool’s latest musical offering, It’s Karma It’s Cool Drop. Now they may not have been on the UK music scene for long and have gradually been building a loyal fan base ever since, if you have not heard about them then you will soon.

This Liverpool four-piece band is made up of Liverpudlian lads, James Styring, Martyn Berwick, Mickey Barraclough and Danny Krash. Altogether, these guys create, It’s Karma, and after the success of their debut album, Woke Up In Hollywood they are releasing their second album, Homesick For Our Future Destinations, and it is filled with 12 fresh, amazing tunes to check out.

Homesick pays homage to a lot of punk rock talented greats such as They Might Be GiantsWeezerPearl Jam and Green Day to name but a few.

The first single of the album, which is called Homesick is a nice little opener and is only a minute and 18 seconds long and is solely instrumental. Other songs worth listening out for are All Branches Break in Time, Playing Brave, Coffee Cup Circles, and Future Destinations. Ironically, Future doesn’t have any actual singing on it as such but rather cleverly has vocal background effects which come into it near to the end.

Overall, It’s Karma are a band that are definitely worth keeping a listen out for, and it serves as a reminder of how good Northern music is. Also, the last infamous four-piece band that also came from Liverpool managed to achieve world-wide success and the path’s officially clear for these guys to gain the same.

Lasse Matthiessen explores a bold new direction with new EP!

Copenhagen artist, Lasse Matthiessen, has created a brand-new EP, Coordinate Remain, which hails a change in musical direction since his earlier release, When We Collided.

The Stockholm-based singer, songwriter and musician has been on both the European and UK music scene for a good few years now and has managed to acquire a loyal fan following ever since. Whilst more of the world ground itself to a halt last year, Lasse used his new-found spare time to recuperate and take himself off somewhere to create new musical offerings.

During that time, and as no doubt many other artists have also done, he found inspiration from looking back on his life and gathering his thoughts. All these thoughts, ideas, and free time combined with the musical genius he set about exploring a new world of sound in which to make his latest EP. And the whole thing appears to have paid off.

Coordinates Remain consists of only five tracks but each one reflects on a period of his life, and the first song in the album, Rome, is an excellent opening track. For a random selection, two tracks to also check out are Reed and Don’t Go To Sleep.

Overall, for five tracks the album is actually a well-crafted and produced product in itself and shows us just how talented Lasse is as a musician and that he can clearly adapt to whatever challenge he sets himself. Even though it’s not a punk album it somehow has that attitude in that ‘doing it my way’ type mentality that’s weaved throughout the whole EP. For an album, it is a seamless yet beautiful mixture of soulful electronic beats, ambient style background tunes along Lasse’s incredible singing voice. An absolute gem of an EP.

JESSICA WILDE keeps the heat on with ‘LA Boy’, out now!

London lady, Jessica Wilde, has released her latest musical number, LA Boy, and it has been receiving some serious rave reviews, and all ahead of the all-female musical extravaganza, P*ssY PWR which is taking place at Brixton on the 1st December. And she’s still curating her all-female playlist for Spotify, P*ssY PWR, which showcases the best in up-and-coming female talent, and all by Jessica Wilde.

Yet there’s a twist in this event, the extravaganza will be headlined by Wilde’s comical alter-ego, Ya gurl Charlene. Definitely sounds like something that is both worth listening out for, and attending.

It has to be said though, this will be a good thing for female artists out there as it is not very often that things like this happen for them, or that they get a platform for them to show the world who they are and not face over-hyped masculine dominance.

However, back to her single, LA Boy, subject matter wise, it is about a relationship and all the issues surrounding it along with all the highs and lows that go with it.

The chorus which only consists of three word “Back to LA”.

Lyrically, the song is more of a complex love story that could just as easily be told through love letters and in the song, Jessica talks to a guy from LA who she had a relationship with. What is practically genius in regards to the way the entire track is put together is that she talks about how her relationship is affecting her, she doesn’t hold back on her words all feelings and just says it like it is. However, on a more positive note, she does tell him to come drop in when he’s next in town.