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Most haunted places to visit in India!

Most people scare when they hear the words ‘Ghostly or haunted place’. In this science-ruled era, many of us still believe in ghosts or unseen entities. This culture or belief began from the very begging of the world. For some people, ghost-related things are exciting and adventurous. Here Cynthia is presenting you the 5 most haunted places in India to visit. Have fun with a breathing experience!!

The Lambi Dehar Mines – Mussoorie

Firstly, The Lambi Dehar Mines in Mussoorie started experiencing a terrible tragedy. It is very well-known as one of India’s most cursed areas. Here, poor working conditions caused the deaths of over a million laborers.

They choked up blood as they died suddenly, which is a grim fact. In the stories, a witch did torment this area and sometimes glimpsed on these hills. They also explained how several victims this witch had murdered.

Kalpalli Cemetery – Bangalore

Secondly, The Old Madras Road in Bengaluru is where the Kalpalli Cemetery is located. It also has the name St. John’s Cemetery. Based on the reports, many drivers who usually cross the road have experienced a ghost-like entity at this graveyard.

They allege that a human shape may regularly appear at night. People of that place suggest others that you stay far away from this grave if you have a heart problem.

How to get there: A limited flight from Mumbai to a nearby Bengaluru airport costs about INR 1,905.

The Mansion, Residency Road – Pune

However, are you in Puna on Residency Road? Have you seen the scary Mansion sight? Wait for the frightening screams, strange laughter, and late-night screams it will soon be audible. Local citizens say that an evil old lady inhabits this place.

One of India’s most ghostly locations, judging by those who have had this incident, is the Mansion. The residents here confirm the creepiness of this spot, so don’t take on the temptation and visit it.

To get there: From Bengaluru, a cheap flight to the nearest airport in Pune prices around INR 2,097.

Khairatabad Science College – Hyderabad

Thirdly, in India, one of the most popular ghostly spots is Khairatabad Science College. The sight of roaming skeletons and the odd noises arising from the Khairatabad Science College alarmed the citizens of Hyderabad.

This property is quite extremely old and has laid unused for a very long time. They allege that when this campus got abandon, which may be the cause of the haunting. When a security guard at the academy suddenly died suddenly while on duty, people were even anxious.

Where to go: A cheap flight from Bangalore to the neighboring city of Hyderabad costs roughly INR 926.

South Park Cemetery – Kolkata

Lastly, South Park is one of India’s oldest memorials. It built in 1767. It may be located in Kolkata. Burglars have recounted smelling some Blair witch and to see shadows in this area.

Based on the myths, all who visited this place apparently felt ill and unsteady. Through cameras, mamy dramatic things got capture there. At dusk, people refuse to visit this spot. In conclusion, it is one of India’s spookiest ghostly places.

Methods for getting there: A cheap flight charges approximately INR 3,205 from Delhi to the local airport in Kolkata.

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