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Make your calendar mark: Upcoming art exhibitions!

Make your calendar up to mark so that you can’t miss the exhibitions that are happening around the world. Today WhatsOn brings you the list of the top exhibition that you shouldn’t miss out on!

 Until 16 Jan 

Felix & Spear Gallery exhibit and represent a select number of important Contemporary artists in conjunction with dealing in Modern British and Post-War works of art. The Art Fund podcast is uncovering the story behind Tam Joseph’s powerful painting. It offers a commentary on the large police presence at the Notting Hill Carnival during the 1970s and 1980s.

For details: https://www.felixandspear.com/

Fragments of Epic Memory at the Art Gallery of Ontario

Until 21 Feb

In 2019, the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) acquired the Montgomery Collection of Caribbean Photographs, a trove of over 3,500 historical images and one of the largest of its kind from the region. This exhibition positions 300 of these photographs ranging from late 19th-century sand and sea tourist views to posed early 20th-century studio portraits alongside works by modern and contemporary Caribbean artists like Frank Bowling, Fragments of Epic Memory, then, not only conjures the Caribbean diasporic past, present, and future but is uniquely attuned to Toronto’s legacy as an artistic epicenter for its diaspora.

For details: https://ago.ca/

 The Torlonia Marbles Collecting Masterpieces at the Capitoline Museums

Until 1 Sept

The Torlonia family collection of ancient sculptures is the most important one still in private hands. It’s full of astonishing treasures like the Hera Giustiniani and the so-called “Old Man of Otricoli.” The display, by David Chipperfield, is crammed into a surprisingly awkward series of small rooms. Some of the pieces, especially the sarcophagi, seem to have been bleached.

For details: http://www.museicapitolini.org

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