Lost Stock: Helping Factory Workers in Bangladesh

Lost Stock

Since Europe went into lockdown, the British high street has cancelled $2billion worth of orders for fashion retailers, which has resulted in roughly 1 million factory workers in Bangladesh now out of work. Tara Pilkington shares information on one company making a difference.

With cancelled orders affecting over 1000 factories across Bangladesh, many workers from these factories now have no source of income.

While charities can help with aid, there is still the matter of the cancelled clothing which is sat in factories and heading for landfill.

One company, Lost Stock, is here to help! They are a fashion clothing box (powered by multi-retailer app MallZee) which includes pieces from these cancelled orders, that were originally destined for stores including Topshop and Gap, tailored to your size and taste with up to £70 worth of product inside for just £35.

Each box will help support a garment worker in Bangladesh and their family for a week. In partnership with the Saijida Foundation, Lost Stock is giving their profits straight to those worst affected and they’re aiming to help 5000 families in May and 100,000 by the end of 2020.

Cally Russell, Mallzee CEO, has said; “With no safety net available for some of the poorest workers in the fashion supply chain we couldn’t sit back and do nothing – leaving families to starve and new clothing heading to landfill. Covid-19 is a health and economic crisis in the UK but it’s going to be a humanitarian crisis in countries like Bangladesh unless support is provided. With the Lost Stock approach, consumers get a great deal and are also helping at the same time.”

Find out more at: https://loststock.co/