Lord West apologizes for an incorrect statement on UK’s refugee crisis

UK's refugee Crisis
UK's refugee Crisis

Labour Peer, Lord Alan West has apologized for backing up the statement of sending asylum seekers to concentrated camps.

The retired Navy admiral went to a Radio programme this morning stating that refugees who are crossing the English channel in boats needs to be dealt by relocating them into concentrated places, “whether it’s a camp or whatever.”

Former Security Minister was discussing the plans of the UK’s government to prevent refugees from entering the UK through the English Channel in small boats.

He further stated that they need to come to an agreement from France and other European countries to assist them to take these refugees back. If they fail to meet this agreement, UK will be stuck with the vast number of illegal asylum seekers.

These comments by high-ranking government officials came after refugees entering the UK has drastically increased over the past few weeks in small boats. The ministers have also threatened to deploy the navy to prevent these illegal crossings.

There have also been considerations made by Preeti Patel to open offshore asylums for these people in remote islands. Her plans were however widely condemned by human rights groups and activists.

However, Lord West apologized for his previous statement and the language he used. He said, “I am sorry for my choice of words and the confusion caused. I was trying to get across the point that working with other EU nations will help resolve this,”

The Labour party stands for treating people with compassion, respect, and humanity. They have been condemning the Tories for trying to establish hostile environment policies towards the immigrants and asylum seekers.

So a statement like this from a Labour Party Peer has come to be shocking to many. However, Lord West’s quick apology has managed to subdue the damage.