Kanye West Second Time Donates Huge Amount to Chicago Mayoral Candidate

Kanye West has made a further donation to Chicago mayoral candidate after claiming he’s “distancing” himself from politics who is also backed by Chance The Rapper.
Kanye West now makes it clear that he isn’t fit to run for president or even enter politics for that matter. The rapper announced this week that he’ll be “distancing” himself from politics after Candace Owens used the rapper’s name to push her “Blexit” movement.
“I am distancing myself from politics and focusing on being creative,” he tweeted, claiming he’d been “used” and disavowed any association with BLEXIT, the right wing African-American organisation founded by Candace Owens.
Second time the rapper has donated within the past two weeks. Yeezy previously donated $73,540 to Friends of Amara Enyia which was the exact amount she needed to pay off fines from a previously mayoral bid.
His support for the Chicago mayoral candidate came while Chance The Rapper held a press conference at Chicago’s City Hall to publicly endorse Amara Enyia during closing rumors that he was going to run for mayor.
“I would like to say very narcissistically if I back you, you have a chance, absolutely,” he said. “I want to work with somebody that’s about change…the one person, in my research, of this wide-open race that views align with me would obviously be candidate Amara Enyia.”
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