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Justin Bieber Cancels Shows After Paralyzed By Virus!

Justin Bieber has cancelled a series of shows on his latest tour after a deadly disease caused “full paralysis” on one side of his face.

The Canadian popstar said he had been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome after a virus had damaged the nerves in his ear.

 He said he was suffering a “pretty serious” case in an exceedingly very video he posted to his Instagram page.

The 28-year-old is currently on his Justice tour in North America and has cancelled performances in Toronto, Washington DC and NY.

For full Video- https://www.instagram.com/p/CeorE9OjqX9/

Justin said, “It is from this virus that attacks the nerve in my ear in my facial nerves and has caused my face to have paralysis.”

“As you’ll see, this eye isn’t blinking. I can’t smile on this side of my face. This nostril won’t move, so there’s full paralysis on this side of my face,” he added.

He further added, “So for people who are frustrated by my cancellations of the following shows, I’m just physically, obviously powerless of doing them. this is often pretty serious as you’ll see. I wish this wasn’t the case but obviously my body is telling me I gotta bog down. “

 “I hope you guys understand, and I’ll be using now to only rest and relax and acquire back to 100% so I can do what i used to be born to try and do. But within the meantime, this ain’t it. We don’t understand how much time it’s visiting be but it’s visiting be OK, i’ve got hope and that i trust God. I trust it’s all for a reason. I’m undecided what that’s immediately but within the meantime i’m visiting rest.” said Bieber.

 On March 2021, Bieber’s last album, Justice, has been certified platinum within the US, and need to second within the UK album charts.

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