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Introducing Matador Meggings, The Best Leggings For Men

You’ve seen the mess, now try the best! Matador Meggings are what happens when you see a problem in men’s athleisure and grab the bull by the horns. Sporty men have been battling the bulge since immemorial times. While our female counterparts get to enjoy their gym experience with a fun and flirty array of colors, styles, and types of practical, yet stylish athletic wear, men have been confined to flappy, baggy, and uncomfortable shorts just to keep their package well-controlled and their workout on-track.

Matador Meggings compression gears – the latest hot sporting tech – are designed with the male anatomy in mind. Sport a sleek superhero-esque crotch with No-VPL Technology  (*visible penis line) in complete peace of mind. Paired with a host of other convenient features- think zippered and unzippered pockets, a towel/shirt loop, and fit features to suit any physique- 

Matador Meggings Collections

More than just a men’s legging brand, Matador offers a range of products to suit every active man’s needs. From their signature leggings right through to the all-important mask, let’s take a look:


The cornerstones of the Matador brand, the extensive meggings collection has a little of everything. From chic and sleek all-black, through bold color, to patterns filled with magic and whimsy, you’re sure to find the perfect vibe for any mood. We can see why men are wearing these as day wear as well as sporting goods! Comfortable, durable, sweat-wicking and fun, it’s time to find your perfect pair.

Compression Shorts

No matter how practical and versatile your men’s running tights are, someday they’re going to be too long or too hot. So these compression shorts will come to your rescue. No need to worry with these babies in the bag. Drawing from the same inspiration as the meggings collection, they share many patterns and all the same divine design features. Perfect for summer and the beach!


Pair up your spectacular new legging’s purchase with a silky-feel workout shirt. From the plain and simple to the fashionable and proud, there’s a little of something for everyone in the Matador top collection. All the same durability, odor-protection and moisture-wicking applies. 


We can’t venture out without a mask now, can we? These reversible face masks allow sporting fashionistas everywhere to add the perfect finishing touch to their run or workout. Specially designed to match many of the collection cornerstones, you’re sure to love the fit and look. 

Our Expert Review

Here at What’sOn, we tested a few pairs of these gems so here’s the verdict: 100% recommend! “No other men’s leggings like them. The price reflects the amazing quality and care gone into making them. Shipping was extremely fast. We encourage you to give these jokers a try. Matador Meggings are excellent tights: the material feels like silk, but breathes well and doesn’t slip or bunch. The waistband sizing is consistent with other brands and the compression level is ideal. That pouch is pure genius. After experiencing the comfort of these tights, it’s impossible to go back to others which squeeze your junk. The pockets work really well. The zipped one is big enough for a 6.5″ smartphone and holds it in place better than any rear pocket ever did. Every detail of the tights has clearly been carefully considered… Their customer service is also impaccable. If you read the online reviews on Google or Facebook, you’ll see dozens of people complimenting how amazing they serve their customers: personable, reliable, efficient, thorough.

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