After merely reading the plot-line I knew this film wouldn’t disappoint, and I was right. It is a thriller in every sense of the word, and contains everything you would expect from a movie from this genre: car chases, fight scenes, kidnaps, blood & guts, a mysterious serial killer and a string of grisly murders that can only be solved by a team of hardened law enforcers.
Hangman centres on a killer taunting the police with his cat & mouse regime, leading them from location to location with his clues but managing to stay two steps ahead all the while because of his high intelligence and calculated planning.
Archer (Al Pacino) is a retired cop who gets back into the game after the murderer – dubbed the Hangman – personally calls him and detective Ruiney (Karl Urban) out, and the pair are swiftly joined by Christi (Brittany Snow), a crime journalist who has battled a fair few demons of her own.
The relationships between the 3 central characters work really well – Brittany is at first awkward and clumsy as the unwanted crime writer, yet over time the guys establish a bond with the reporter and come to respect and acknowledge her as an asset to their unit.
The music is another key aspect in this film; the haunting melodies and frantic instrumentals add to the atmosphere and create the right level of tension throughout.
I would like to have seen more of a focus on the word in which the killer is spelling out –┬ádespite the movie title being Hangman, and the emphasis of the film being on this psychopath honing in on the concept of the childhood game, there is little attention paid to this particular element. I think this is a shame because it would have added more mystery and intrigue to the story.
However, this story is incredibly enjoyable. It is intense and action-packed; it will grab your attention from the get-go and maintain your interest for its duration. There are plenty of nail-biting moments and the story is fast-paced, leading up to an exciting finale – and a great cliffhanger – so if you like your thrillers, then this is definitely one to watch.
> Hannah Montgomery
Photo Credit: Zoe Osborne (Strike)