Grace Jones’ Exhibition Will Explore Black-Images & Gender-Binaries

Grace Jone's Poster

An exhibition on Grace Jones will open at Nottingham this September, reports Anika Khan.

Where> Contemporary Arts center, Nottingham, UK

When> September26- January 3rd

Grace before Jones: Camera, Disco, Studio is described as an intersection of fan fiction, study and biography. Curated by Cedric Fauq and Olivia Aherna, the exhibition will incorporate the performances into Jones’s life, discus black-image- making and explore the themes of Gender binarism.

 The event reads:

“The exhibit departs from the iconic singer’s career and her collaborations with artists, designers, photographers and musicians to question black image-making and gender binarism as well as both performance and the performance of life,”

The exhibition is also set to feature works of Jean Michel Basquiat, Roland Barthes, Andy Warhol and ACT UP. Although it is announced that the exhibition will run from September 26th to January 3, subject to these dates may change due to Covid-19 pandemic.  

Jones is a renowned Jamaican artist who has made exceptional prints in the industry with her work and contributions. Grace Jones will be a part of Meltdown Festival next year which will take place in London Centre between June and July 2021.

Jones during a performance in 2015 ( image from Google)

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