Game review- War Thunder

Game review- War Thunder
Game review- War Thunder

If History was your favorite subject or you just like looking at planes, tanks, or navy vessels, then this is right up your street. This is also one for you who like World of Tanks!

War Thunder, created by is an online multiplayer game, where you fight against others to complete missions as a team or as a squad. This is a cross-platform game that is available on Playstation, Xbox, and PC and allows you to play with friends.

You can choose to play Tank battles, Air battles, or Vessels, and can choose to play as different countries such as the USA, Germany, USSR (Soviet Russia), Great Britain, Japan, China, Italy, France, and Sweden. 

As someone who has played it many times, I can say that the game has great graphics to see each detail in the grass, in the walls, the gunshots, and even the fire from exploded vehicles. The details in the planes are so precise, you can see each gunshot hole made, each propeller as a plan slows down or speeds up, the paint jobs and so much more. The graphics are phenomenal and really bring the game to life.

The gameplay itself has no direct storyline as it’s an online multiplayer, which means it just battles and all about leveling up and unlocking the planes and tanks for each country. 

One thing I find cool about this game is that the company, Gajin likes to pull their April Fool jokes on us gamers and even introduce new vehicles or modes often whilst developing the game more and making the experience better. 

This is a really good quality game, especially for the price. It’s free to play and download, making the experience even better, knowing you don’t need to spend anything, unless you decide to buy add ons. 

The add ons are mainly extreme vehicles that are only open to people who buy Gold Eagles, which can be brought through store.

Playing this game is truly fun and it’s also good for younger people as there is no graphic violence, no person seen getting shot or any blood. Just shooting vehicles. However, seeing as this is a game which does include some realistic violence such as war themes, it is currently recommended that the minimum age is 12.

Why not give it a try? It is free and is definitely worth giving it a shot!