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From Entrepreneur to Successful Businessman: Meet Abdul Kader Soud

Abdul Kader Soud is an Entrepreneur, Freelancer, and an Instructor. From the starting till now so far he has trained around 5500+ students with his vast working experience, which includes clients from 40 different countries. And, ultimately built the platform “Shikhbe Shobai’’ – where everyone will learn to work and become self–reliant. Munia Iffat catches up with him, talks about his journey, the platform “Shikhbe Shobai”, and so on. 

The journey of Shikhbe Shobai begins in May 2017. Initially, at first, they didn’t have an office and started the class of the first batch held in a small space in another office. At present, Shikhbe Shobai has its own two smart campuses for around 15000 students. Abdul Kader Soud shares his aims towards Shikhbe Shobai that

 “To alleviate the shortage of jobs in the country and to prepare the young generations for the modern age.” 

All the courses of Shikhbe Shobai include curriculum-practical-based work and projects. So that a student can do a job, business, or freelancing by completing the course and maintaining industry quality. Recently Shikhbe Shobai launched another tech product The Privilege card by Shikhbe Shobai Solutions discounts and benefits across a wide range of categories such as dining, life Style, Hotels, Educational institution, Banking services as well as shopping. Soud talked about the 2022 plan on a privilege card that

 “We want to collaborate with at least 200 brands or companies, which will benefit our 15000+ students.”

“There was a trend in our country, to settle the life with good jobs, it is changing now, and more changes need to be done. You will have your own workplace. For this, you need to acquire modern IT skills. By using your skills, you can do freelancing or have your own business. You need to change the thinking of working your whole life. This will reduce the unemployment rate and will increase the employment opportunity in our country. It will also increase the economic growth of the country. “

The initial planning of Shikhbe Shobai in 5 years is that Shikhbe Shobai will train around 20,000+ skilled IT entrepreneurs in the country.  Apart from the business, when we ask him what‘s the most important lesson life has taught you?

Abdul Kader Soud said we have to keep pace with the following trends. If I would have taught like my forefathers that I need to start my career with a job, then maybe I wouldn’t get a chance to say these things today. If I say the one single thing that changes your life, that is skill development. After completing my graduation in Business studies, I acquired IT skills. After acquiring various IT skills, I started working as a freelancer myself and then started working as an entrepreneur.

What message do you want to give to fellow businessmen?

I will tell the entrepreneurs to always think of modernizing the business, and also try to connect IT with it. If problems could be solved through IT, it will create great customer satisfaction and there will be a chance to have those customers back again. IT helps a lot in business development. 

To learn more about Shikhbe Shobai, visit: shikhbeshobai.com

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