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France Paralyzed Mass Protest against Pension Scheme!

Strikes and mass demonstration has paralyzed France today as millions took streets to protest against government’s pension scheme. Government’s new scheme for pension have plans to raise the age of retirement.

France Unbowed leader have claimed that this is the biggest social movement since 1968 May protest. Protesters blockaded bus and train stations. Gas and energy workers, teachers, rail workers and others took part in a day’s general strike called by unions. All transport facilities have been disrupted in France.

France Paralyzed Mass Protest against Pension Scheme!

Why did the Mass protest?

President Emmanuel Macron’s national address on Wednesday claimed that the legislation raising the retirement age to 64 would continue.  Its “democratic course” despite having used powers of decree to impose it because he could not get it through parliament, had inflamed public anger.

How have the Protest Grown?

Many workers have blocked the tracks, brandishing flares and chanting : “we will continue until it’s withdrawn”. Clashes broke out between police and demonstrators in many cities. Police have also unleashed water cannons and violence broke out in Lorient, also in Brittany, resulting in damage of police stations.

France Paralyzed Mass Protest against Pension Scheme!

What can be the Result?

French analysts say the timing of the long-planned visit, with the president appearing alongside the unelected king as Paris remains piled high with uncollected rubbish, could be a public relations disaster for the Elysee Palace.

Marx claimed that, “workers of the world Unite”, this have been recurred time and again. People take street against the oppression of the ruling class. WhatsOn stands with people of France against their struggle for pension scheme.

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