Former Uber Driver Pleads Guilty to Killing Six People : US

The news come out like a bombshell when Jason B. Dalton, an uber driver pleads guilty to killing six people and to shooting two other victims, three years ago in a rampage in Michigan on Feb. 20, 2016.
Dalton confessed his crime on Monday, before the trail begun and he claimed that the devil was controlling him ride-sharing app and ordered him to kill.
“I’ve wanted to do this for quite a while,” said Dalton to the judge during the jury selection for the trial.
Dalton drove uncontrollably through the city and its rural areas, shooting individuals outside a vehicle dealership, a Cracker Barrel restaurent and a townhouse complex. After hours, he gave Uber clients rides between the apparently irregular shootings.
The gunfire shook Western Michigan and brought up issues about Uber’s screening of its drivers when the ride-hailing administration was venturing into littler urban areas.
Four women and a father and his 17-year-old son were fatally shot while looking at a pickup truck at a dealership and a 14 year old girl were shot in head but luckily survived. After that he shot a man in the residence area.
“It helps with community healing, some closure, it’s a heinous incident,” said Bobby Hopewell, mayor of Kalamazoo.
“He does not want to put his family through that, or the victims’ families, through the trial. It’s his decision; against my advice,” Solis said.
Dalton didn’t give any proper explanation of killing people brutally.
Mr. Dalton will confront a required term of life in jail without the likelihood of parole on the homicide allegations when he is condemned one month from now.
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