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For the National Holiday WhatsOn Academy Closed

Every year on March 17, Bangladesh celebrates this national holiday. This festival may alternatively get referred to as the “Celebration of the Father of the Country.” And it honors the birth of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who is known as the father of the country of Bangladesh. This day is also widely recognized as Bangabandhu (“Friend of Bengal”). National Children’s Day is also observed on this day.

On March 17, 1920, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman got born in the hamlet of Tungipara. He was the third child of Sheikh Lutfur Rahman & Saira Khatun, who also had two boys and four daughters.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman started socialist one-party rule in January 1975 and became Bangladesh’s fourth president. The importance of the day will get highlighted in Bangladesh Betar, Bangladesh Television, or other private TV networks & radio.

Every Friday, WhatsOn features live music at the Academy. There, you have the opportunity to hone both your fundamentals — and advanced ukulele talents in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, you could even get famous artists to play with you during these sessions!

Anupam Chakraborty, a well-known music instructor, is always available to provide the best instruction. This week’s festive holiday will cause the lesson to get canceled.

But next week on 24th March, WhatsOn Music Academy will arrange a professional learning class on E-Minor Scale at 10:00 AM UK and 4:00 PM BD time on 10th March, Friday, March 23. “Ma Go Bhabna Keno” choir performance will take place.

Join the WhatsOn family for an hour of music, entertainment, and friendship. You cannot miss it, period! Don’t forget to follow us on YouTube to start receiving wonderful updates with lots of music.

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