‘For Sama’ Documentary Film on Syria War will Release Next Thursday in US

In 2011, when protest against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad first started, Waad al-kateab who was a young student began filming on her phone and documented her own life as well as the extreme condition of Syrian people.
Now, with those footage she made the film titled ‘For Sama’ which already claim for award and will be release next Thursday in US.
More than half a million people have died in Syria since the uprising against the regime of Bashar al-Assad.
Viewers can look through the eyes of director about the miseries and hard condition of Syrian people.
For five years she filmed hundreds of hours of footage in her native Aleppo during the war time. Viewers will see the airstrikes, attacks on hospital, bombing, love with the last remaining doctor in Aleppo, their marriage and their baby girl ‘Sama’ to whom the film is dedicated.
“I love filming. I really believe in the picture. And that’s why I just started to document this moment. But no one had any idea about what the future will hold for us”, said Waad al-kateab, the director of the film.
“It’s more about just living the life and saving these moments because you feel that at any moment it could be ended. You could be killed like by bombing, by shelling, by anyone arrested you because you are just opposition. And this just was very, very important”, she added.
Dr. Hamza Al- Kateab, last doctor in Syria and husband of the director said, “at the beginning of 2013 or the end of 2012 a nurse and a doctor were killed during that attack. And throughout the years, the regime has become more aggressive. So, it was starting with the mortar shell—mortar attacks, and then aircrafts attack, and then the Russians interfere, and that was like the most brutal thing”.
Trailer of the film already been released.
> Dipto Paul