Film Friday: What to stream this weekend!

Film Friday
Film Friday: What to stream this weekend!

This week WhatsOn is back with the top 5 movies and reviews. To make your weekend more delightful and less boring don’t forget to stream those.

Legacy of Lies

Legacy of Lies, it’s an English movie. The movie is directed by Adrian Bol. Here, Martin Baxter, an ex-MI6 agent is thrown back into the world of espionage and high stakes when a beautiful journalist seeks his help to uncover the shocking truth about operations conducted by the Russian Secret Service.

Vinci Da

Vinci Da is a black ‘n white thriller in color by Srijit Mukherjee under the banner of SVF Entertainment Pvt Ltd. Srijit has been playing with the genre of suspense and mystery for some time and is trying to perfect the art of making it his characteristic brand to intrigue and electrify his viewers. The story revolves around Vinci Da (Rudranil) who is a master make-up artist and idolizes Leonardo Da Vinci.

On Your Wedding Day

On Your Wedding Day shows the love story of two individuals and how they meet, how they have their adventure, how they get together, how they break up, and how they come to resilience. The main protagonist walks on a true journey here where he falls in love with this girl at the first sight.

Vijay the Master

Vijay the Master is a Hindi movie. The movie is directed by Lokesh Kanakaraj and featured Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi, Malavika Mohanan, and Andrea Jeremiah as lead characters. It’s a crime, thriller, action movie. In the story, JD, an alcoholic, the professor is enrolled to teach at a juvenile faculty. But soon he clashed with a ruthless gangster, who uses the children as scapegoats for his crime.

Always Be My Maybe

This movie released in 2019, Always Be My Maybe was a Netflix original romantic comedy movie starring Ali Wong and Randall Park. Park and Ali received credit as two of the writers in this story of childhood friends Sasha and Marcus, who grew apart when they had sex. The movie jumps to 16 years later when Sasha is a celebrity chef. To know more you have to watch this on Netflix.