Film Friday: Top 5 TV series to watch this weekend!

Film Friday
Film Friday: Top 5 TV series to watch this weekend!

This week WhatsOn is back with the top 5 exciting TV series which aired in 2021. To make your weekend more delightful and less boring doesn’t forget to stream those.

Squid Game

It’s the K-drama that broke Netflix. Following a young man who enters a battle royale competition for $45.6 billion has become one of the biggest shows of the fall. Not only falls can say, of all time. It all plays a part in making Squid Game an unforgettable watch.

The White Lotus

It is a satire sting. It is starring everyone from Connie Britton to Steve Zahn back to Natasha Rothwell and then Jennifer Coolidge. The series, set across a week at a Hawaiian resort, skewers woke-ness, privilege, and class, landing a wobbly and unjust finale that, ironically enough, makes a bigger point than if justice had been served.

House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths

House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths is an examination of the truths and theories surrounding the deaths of 11 members of an Indian Delhi family. It has sparked a conversation online and has been trending ever since its initial release. This documentary proves again how mental health is necessary to take care of.

Murder in the Hills

Murder in the Hills is a Bengali crime thriller web series. It’s streaming on the OTT platform Hoichoi. The series is directed by Anjan Dutt, who makes his directorial debut for a web series. Though it’s his debut but the script is too bumpy to be compared to any creation of the Queen of Mystery.

Ted Lasso Season 2

There has been an Online Discourse about whether we can, collectively, handle the heavy dose of optimism that Ted Lasso has to offer, but those who are busy fighting have not been paying attention to what really matters. If Season One was about introducing us to eternal optimism, Season Two has shown us how skin-deep that kind of attitude is.