Film Friday: 5 Trending Movies You Need to Stream Now

Desperate for a new film to watch? No problem! This week’s Film Friday focuses on the newest movies out now for streaming, including a variety of movie genres such as thrillers, dramas, and romances. Uplifted by fabulous performances from famed actors such as Jacob Elordi, Paul Mescal, Gina Rodriguez and so many more.  Read on to find out about the top trending movies currently streaming now!

Upgraded (2024)

Camila Mendes stars as Ana, an aspiring art intern, who finds herself on a last-minute business trip to London for an art exhibit. Things take a turn in this feel-good rom-com when Ana gets her flight upgraded to first-class, causing her to impersonate her boss, famous art director, Claire to handsome stranger, Will, whom she meets on the flight. This white lie sets off a chain of events filled with opportunity and romance.  Upgraded is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

Players (2024)

Netflix OriginalPlayersstars Gina Rodriguez as New York sportswriter Mack and Damon Wayans Jr. as her best friend Adam. These two friends for years have been devising countless hook-up “plays” for years all while taking part in numerous one-night stands with a strict set of ground rules, after all, you can’t build a relationship from a play. Things take a turn however when Mack falls for her most recent target, Nick, played by Tom Ellis, causing her to rethink everything she knew. Now streaming on Netflix.

Saltburn (2023)

Perhaps one of the most talked about movies right now, Emerald Fennell’s movie Saltburn is an engrossing film combining the genres of thriller, drama and comedy. An outcasted Oxford student Oliver Quick, played by Barry Keoghan, befriends the charming Felix, played by Jacob Elordi, who invites Oliver to his family’s eccentric mansion, leading to a chain of events and a summer he’ll never forget in this fast-paced, dark-toned film, filled with telling cinematography. It is a worthy watch. Saltburn is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

All of Us Strangers (2023)

A movie that delves into romance, loss, and memory, All of Us Strangers focuses onAdam (Andrew Scott) who meets his mysterious neighbour, Harry (Paul Mescal), resulting in a relationship between the two to blossom. Simultaneously, Adam is preoccupied with memories of his late parents; he finds himself drawn to his childhood home where his parents appear to be living, just as they were on the day they died 30 years prior. All of Us Strangers is now streaming on Hulu.

Priscilla 2023

A teenage Priscilla Beaulieu finds herself tangled in the love of Elvis Presley. Sofia Coppola’s movie Priscilla delves into the complicated, whirlwind relationship of the two, through Priscilla’s eyes adding another level of depth and unexplored side of their courtship. It shows fame as a portrait of isolation rather than an idyllic life, portraying the relationship between Elvis and Priscilla as an emotional rollercoaster, highlighting Priscilla’s age, and perhaps the disregard for her youth. Now streaming on Max (formerly HBO Max).

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