Diabari Uttara

In the concrete city of Dhaka, Diabari is a place to find green, open lake, open space and a blue sky above head. Diabari is in sector 15 of Uttara Model Town, which is a residential area.
Diabari is the third phase extension of Uttara Model Town. It is the most popular and attractive place to spent some relax time in Dhaka. The place is good for living, studying and hangout. It is also good for photoshoot. Excellence in creative solution for every moments. One can visit Diabari anytime of the year. One can visit Diabari if he is green lover then should go between July and November. There are many “Kash Ful” in Diabari from Mid August. The area looks like it is covered with snow. There is a nice lake surrounding Diabari. One can hire a boat and enjoy boating in lake. One can also find traditional amusement from Nagor Dola. It is well secured place.
One can easily go Diabari by Rickshaws, autos, CNG etc. from in front of North Tower. It is hardly 40 minutes walking distance from House Building to the west.
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