Coronavirus England: Which Shops Require A Face Mask?

Coronavirus England: Which Shops Require A Face Mask?

From today, face coverings will be required in many places across England, with a £100 fine being issued if ignored. Tara Pilkington reports.

What are the new rules?

  • Face coverings must be worn inside shops, takeaways, indoor shopping centres, banks, post offices and transport hubs such as stations and airports in England. These rule will not apply to staff.
  • If a shop, takeaway or supermarket has a cafe or seating area, then those eating or drinking there can remove their face-covering in that area whilst they are eating and drinking. Their face covering must be put back on once they have left their seats.
  • Customers will not have to wear face coverings in hairdressers and other “close contact services” such as nailbars, dentists or opticians.
  • Dine-in facilities such as restaurants, cafes and pubs are also exempt and will not require customers to wear a covering.
  • Cinemas, concert halls, theatres, gyms and leisure centres, and visitor attractions such as museums will also not require coverings.

Are there any exemptions?

  • The same exemptions are in place for shops in England that are currently being used regarding public transport.
  • Children under 11 are exempt, as well as those with a physical or mental impairment or disability which means they cannot put on or wear a face covering.
  • Banks, building societies and other businesses, including shops and pharmacies, may ask for face coverings to be removed in order to aid identification.

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