Clairo Discusses Plans To Prevent Assaults At Concerts

Clairo talks about plans to prevent sexual assaults

American artist Clairo has announced that she will be hiring people to look out for assault and harassment at her future concerts. Anika Khan reports.

Clairo (real name Claire Cottrill) announced on Twitter that she plans to mitigate sexual assaults in her shows. In the twitter thread, she expressed her disgust after reading the recent sexual assaults allegations with the ‘indie scene’.

She said, “There’s no excuse; the alternative/indie/whatever you want to call it scene is not exempt from these extremely real problems.”

She has urged her fans to come forward and speak out about similar situations to create more awareness.  

In a follow-up tweet she wrote “I have experienced a fair amount of uncomfortable moments from men in music, and odds are I probably will never feel strong enough to talk about them. & people who ARE strong enough to say something deserve to be heard.”

She continued, “I want nothing more than to create a safe and inclusive environment at shows, online and within the music.”

Clairo mentioned that she and “a few bands” have been working on the prospect of “hiring a specific group of people to look out for assault, harassment, any uncomfortable situation that happens at shows.”

Clairo further mentioned that a few other bands have been working in hiring special staffs to look out for any uncomfortable situation that may arise at their shows and concerts.

She floated the idea of introducing a wristband system to those who may feel violated, lost or assaulted during the concerts. She wants this to be a new normal to ensure safety for all concert goers from now on.

Earlier this year, Cairo won the Best New Act in the World at the 2020s NME Award show. She released her debut album ‘Immunity’ in 2019. Fans are waiting for her upcoming album and dates for any foreseeable concert tours.