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“Our House Is Still On Fire”: Thunberg Addresses #Davos2020

By Alice Hudson 17 year old climate change activist Greta Thunberg has spoken out at Davos 2020, attacking the world leaders she blames for the crisis; “

World’s Oceans and Land Must be Protected By this Decade-UN Draft Agreement on Nature

To stop and reverse biodiversity decline which is putting human survival in danger zone, a Paris-style draft agreement has been made by UN which orders that every nati

New Zealand Schools to Open Subjects about Climate Crisis, Activism and ‘Eco Anxiety’

This year New Zealand’s all schools will get access to materials about the climate crisis that is written by the country’s leading science agencies where school wi

Greta Thunberg Responds to Meat Loaf’s Claims

World’s top focused climate activist Greta Thunberg responds to the claims that was put by the popular American singer and actor Meat Loaf last week. Meat

Submarine to Explore Antarctic Glacier

For finding the cause of rapid glacier melting in Antarctica, Scientist prepared to send submarine underside of the ice shelf to better understand why it is occurring.

Unusual Temperature Rise in Northern Scotland

Northern Scotland faces a ‘remarkable’ rise of temperature that is 16.8C (62.2F) in the early hours of Sunday – which becomes record high for this time of year.

Key climate change milestones of 2019

By Shayan Shakir As the year and decade winds down, it is safe to say that 2019 has been one of the most iconic years when it comes to the fight against clim

Volcano eruption in New Zealand leaves five dead

By Shayan Shakir An eruption that took place on White Island in New Zealand has ended up killing five people and left up to twenty people injured. Police h

Bristol may be the first British city to ban diesel cars

Bristol may just end up being the first British city to introduce a ban on diesel cars within the limits of it’s city centre to improve the quality of air.

Cannibal ants discovered in a nuclear bunker in Poland

By Shayan Shakir A mysterious and unique colony of wood ants have been discovered in the an old Polish nuclear bunker by scientists. These ants have been sai