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50 Cent Gig Review

'Hate it or Love it'? We can truly say that we loved the 50 Cent gig! The Birmingham show proved to be a super-cool, energetic party with an amazing mix of tracks superb

Globalization and Its Evolving Ideas

  The term Globalization talks about the end of individualism or superiority. Everyone is equal and easily can mingle with others culture in a globalized world. Genera

No1 Kombucha Review

No1 Kombucha is a unique brand founded by Johnny Wilkinson. The delightful range of sparkling soft drinks was developed specifically to centre on health and well-be

Holy Moly Guacamole Review

Did you know it is National Guacamole Day this Sunday (16 September)? What better way to celebrate than by indulging in a revolutionary British guacamole? Holy Moly is an e

Ipanema Review

I am sure you all know the struggle of finding a decent pair of flip flops. They must be functional, fashionable and, of course, fabulous! This is where Ipanema steps in

A Pad that’s Good for Body & Good for the Earth

The dominance of toxic chemicals in today’s world is no longer a question.  The comments above could apply to any number of items – from the food we eat and the cleaning

The Alchemist Review

Where to start? The Alchemist is known for their cocktails that bubble, steam and change colours, but did you also know they serve some up pretty damn good grub too? We wer

Gender Based Racism a Social Evil

From the history of Babel, humanity divided them based on racial and ethnic identity. Every ethnic group wants consolidation and believes in expansion, reservation, and glorif

Jubel Beer Review

Jubel beer is a real flavour experience. The Urban variety, which is cut with elderflower and has a lovely green & white label, has a really refreshing taste and slips

New Show Skyline Series Proved to Be Huge Success

A new show came to Birmingham on the weekend and it proved to be a real festival of fun. Entrance to the event was swift and music was pumping to get the crowds nicely warm