Can Joe Biden make American great again?

With over 75 million votes from all over the country, Joe Biden has won the presidential election of the United States. However, the question lies, did this many people vote for him because they wanted him, or was it because they didn’t want Donald Trump to win again?

For many people, Joe Biden was an anti-Trump vote. No matter what the reason was, this election gave America a second chance to rectify the mistake they did four years back. Many people have seen the era of ‘Trumpism’ as a step back from all the progress America had made so far. Now it is time for America to accept the new president despite their political beliefs because after all, he does stand up for some good ideas:

  • Joe Biden has pledged to create more works for Americans and flourish the countries economy.
  • He has plans to expand and make the national healthcare system accessible to all Americans.
  • He has pledged to make it easier for immigrants and welcome them in their country with open arms.
  • Joe Biden plans to restore environmental protections which the previous administration failed to do miserably.
  • He will also be undoing the political policies and re-establish overseas relations which Trump has managed to ruin.
  • Joe Biden has pledged to be a president, “who seeks not to divide but unify”.

Biden Tweeted on November 7, after the results of the 2020 US Presidential election came out, declaring him the winner.

However, we have learned that very rarely does great political ideas turn into real changes. The new president with 48 years of political experience needs to prove that he was the best choice America made. But one thing for certain, Joe Biden needs the support of all Americans to work and make the nation great again.