BTS drops their latest MV ‘Life goes on’

BTS drops their latest MV 'Life goes on'
BTS drops their latest MV 'Life goes on'

BTS has just dropped their latest music video, ‘Life Goes On’ and it is everything that the world needs right now. Leave everything and check out the MV!

‘Life Goes On’ the title track of their album ‘BE ( Deluxe Edition) contains the most BTS-Esque music produced by the band to date.

The Band has come forward with a message that “even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on’ and imparts a message of healing to fans and to the world”.

It has been a difficult year. Many people have lost their jobs, their loved ones, and faced challenges like never before. BTS has always aspired to give comfort a joy to its fans through music and their performance. That is exactly what they aimed to accomplish with their new Music video.

Watch their latest Music video, ‘Life goes on’ Below:

The music video is directed by the Band Member Jungkook starring the Band.

The song starts with the words on how the world stopped without any warning

One day the world stopped
Without warning
Spring doesn’t know how to wait

The chorus portrayed hope of the day when things will get back to normal as if nothing happened and life will go on.

Like an echo in the forest
The day will come
As if nothing had happened
Yeah life goes on

BTS states that they have lent us this music. A gift to their fans and all the people who needs to heal in this difficult times.

I’ll lend this music to you

The song ends with the notes,

Here, hold my hand

Let’s run to the future

BTS have poured their souls in this video. A hopeful and healing piece that you should hear right now.

Here is the ‘BE (Deluxe Edition)’ Track list:

1. ‘Life Goes On’
2. ‘Fly To My Room’
3. ‘Blue & Grey’
4. ‘Skit’
5. ‘Telepathy’
6. ‘Dis-ease’
7. ‘Stay’
8. ‘Dynamite’