Book review: ‘Prince Zaaki And The Royal Sword of Luella’

Why you should read Luella's 'Prince Zaaki And The Royal Sword'?
Why you should read Luella's 'Prince Zaaki And The Royal Sword'?

Prince Zaaki And The Royal Sword of Luella is a young adult fantasy novel written by the new upcoming author, Heba Hamzeh. Lara Tarabey reports.

Children and adults will enjoy following the journey of a young man, Prince Zaaki, on his travels across the magical kingdom of Luella.

From the opening paragraph, it’s amazingly descriptive and captivating, keeping you enticed throughout. The adventure, the unknown, uniting people from different places, the fight for freedom, the deeper meaning of life, and finding love are all encapsulated in this brilliantly thrilling novel.

The illustrations cleverly capture the magical places and out-of-this-world characters unlike anything ever seen before. The Prince encounters some good and some bad surprises along the way and an unexpected twist towards the end of the book leaves the reader on the edge of their seat. Excited to follow this author and even more excited to read the follow-on book which I am told is in progress.

Impossible to put the book down. A must-read book. Follow the exhilarating journey of Prince Zaaki and for any updates on the release dates, go to the Prince Zaaki website:

This book is out now on Amazon and will be available on Di Angelo Publications from 1st December, so go get your copy today.

Retail Information: Hardback at £19.99

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