Bloxx – ‘Lie Out Loud’

Bloxx - 'Lie Out Loud'
Bloxx - 'Lie Out Loud'

From supporting heavyweights, Two Door Cinema Club, and The Wombats to now paving their way with their debut album; Bloxx has become a remarkable way since exploding onto the scene.

Filled with stadium worthy indie anthems, led by powerhouse Fee Both; Bloxx embark on the snapshots of love, loss, and teenage life. Opening with the title track ‘Lie Out Loud’ proves straight away how much they deserve to play arenas through potent vocals and dynamic drumbeats. This is followed by ‘Coming Up Short’ an infectious track that embraces a messy relationship that can’t be controlled; juxtaposed by Fee’s beautiful vocals and groovy beats. ‘Go out With You’ shows another side of what Bloxx can do through punky basslines and grungy beats but, keep their pop side of the album.

The 12-piece track album reminisces early Paramore and that is evident in the full of attitude single ‘Thinking About Yourself’. Fulfilled with power chords and immense beats, taking listeners on a journey of being in a relationship with a partner that doesn’t fulfill someone’s needs and always thinks about themself. ‘Changes’ takes on a slower route, still bringing those electro beats and subtle drums but, Fee takes it down a not. 

With the album ending, ‘It Won’t Work Out’ throws back to their indie-rock influences, through powerhouse vocals and nifty beats. Followed by a slow acoustic rendition of ‘What You Needed’ that Fee takes center stage with lyricists and beautiful vocals; that keeps the listener’s attention even at the end of the album. The project closes off with ‘Swimming’ going back to their stand-out vocals and big beats that emphasize their love for indie-rock anthems that are meant for stadiums.

Bloxx has bought a statement with their debut album that reminisces love, loss, and the youth through indie-pop tracks that are fulfilled with groovy rhythms, funky beats, and powerhouse vocals.